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WKU Basketball and Volleyball alumni, Kene Anyigbo and Noelle Langenkamp were brought together in Diddle Arena as athletes and leave four years later fiancés.

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A new WKU Store is set to open sometime between June 15 and July 1 of this summer according to Gary Meszaros, WKU’s assistant vice president of business and auxiliary services.

  • Jacob Dick

WKU custodial, building services, groundskeeping and waste management employees working on the Bowling Green campus will be employed by a private company starting in August to save money in the 2016-17 budget.

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With their postseason hopes hanging by a thread, the WKU baseball team traveled to Boca Raton, Florida to take on 17th-ranked Florida Atlantic in a three-game Conference USA series to conclude the 2016 regular season.

  • Savannah Pennington

Leaning against the dry erase board in a reporting class at WKU, a candidate for one of Bowling Green’s city commissioner positions spoke with journalism students about his background and campaign for the state elections in November.

  • KJ Hall

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of interesting goods and activities at the Community Farmers Market of Bowling Green. Each booth you pass has a story. Each vendor is there for a reason. Among these booths is the Top Crops booth, which people can find as soon as they walk into th…

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"Unpacking" is a new opinion series that attempts to break down larger issues into a broader context to allow for fuller understanding.

  • John Winstead

Following the announcement of the budget reduction plan, the WKU administration hosted an open forum under the guise of soliciting faculty and staff opinions. Curiously, students were not directly informed about the forum. At the forum, a lot of blame was going around.