Kristen Bell: Parenting has been ‘very hard’ during the pandemic

Kristen Bell: Parenting has been ‘very hard’ during the pandemic


Kristen Bell admits parenting has been “very hard” amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The 40-year-old actress – who has daughters Lincoln, seven, and Delta, six, with her husband Dax Shepard – has revealed that the celebrity couple have been having therapy to help them cope with the challenge of looking after their children during the global health crisis.

Speaking during Yahoo’s ‘Reset Your Mindset: Pandemic Parenting’ live-stream, Kristen said: “Balancing work and parenting and online learning during the pandemic, and especially supporting mental health, it was really hard.”

The Hollywood actress admitted that therapy has been a huge help over recent months.

She said: “Therapy’s been big for us during the pandemic. We both rely on it, my husband and I, for personal growth and ultimately to bring what we learn individually into the relationship.”

Kristen revealed that she’s explained to her children what coronavirus is and reminded them that they are more fortunate than others who are suffering as a result of the pandemic.

The ‘Frozen’ star said: “We’re always honest with our kids, and sometimes it’s been really hard.

“We explained that COVID was and why it exists and we told them everything really early on and we just reminded them that we’re luckier than most people and we have to do what we can to help others during this time.”

Kristen also revealed that she’s been helping out by supporting parents who need baby products through the Hello Bello company she shares with her husband.

She explained: “We wanted to start giving away a year’s worth of diapers every week to help parents who need it. We did that before the pandemic and we just doubled it and I think that’s the responsible thing to do.

“When you have a company, you need to be a for-good company.”