Charles Dance had coronavirus

Charles Dance had coronavirus


Charles Dance had coronavirus earlier this year.

The 74-year-old actor received a slot to be vaccinated against the virus but had to cancel his appointment after he and his partner, Alessandra Masi, fell ill when he returned home from a shoot in Iceland.

Asked if he’s been vaccinated yet, he said: “No. I’ve had my invitation, but I went to Iceland to film in January, got tested every day, came back, went to Waitrose, woke up the next morning feeling s***, so did Alessandra, then we were positive.

“So we isolated for a couple of weeks, and now I think I’ll go and get jabbed.”

The ‘Crown’ actor is stunned that the roadmap for easing lockdown in the UK includes a date for “opening the discotheques”.

He fumed: “This is the worst place. Where else is the virus going to flourish? A crowded discotheque filled with hot, sweaty people!

“I don’t think I’ve ever been clubbing, actually – you spend the whole time not being able to hear what somebody’s saying. I hate dancing, because I’m no good at it.”

Meanwhile, the ‘Mank’ actor is looking for a leading role.

Asked his ambitions, he told Telegraph magazine: “Just keep working. I would like to front more stuff. I’m forever being asked to come in and play telling cameos…”

And citing Sir John Gielgud as an inspiration, he added: “He used to ring up and say, ‘Hello, Johnny Gielgud here, got any work?’ In his 90s! That’s what I’d like to do.”

But Charles is not so keen to do any more work on stage because he doesn’t always enjoy the experience.

He said: “I have this odd feeling about theatre. There are nights when I pray there’s going to be a bomb scare, an announcement – ‘Ladies and gentlemen, you must leave the theatre!’ – and the show is cancelled.

“And then there are nights that are fantastic and it goes well and that’s great, you get this applause and your ego has been boosted. But if I’m honest I prefer to be on a film set.”