Sharon Stone’s late grandmother visited her in hospital

Sharon Stone’s late grandmother visited her in hospital


Sharon Stone’s late grandmother visited her when she was in hospital.

The 63-year-old actress was devastatingly diagnosed with a brain haemorrhage in 2001 and she has recalled, during her hospital stay, how she “awoke” to her late grandmother – who passed away 30 years before – standing at the end of the bed and she heard her relative tell her not to move her neck whilst she recovered.

She explained: “One night I awoke to my grandmother Lela standing at the foot of my bed. I know that sounds reasonable, except my grandmother had been dead for 30 years. She looked beautiful. She smelled beautiful: she always wore Guerlain perfume, Shalimar. She was at her best, wearing her favourite suit and hat. She said, ‘We don’t really know what’s wrong with you – we are working on it. But whatever you do, don’t move your neck.’

“Then she was gone. I took the teddy bear my dad had brought me, squiggled to the side of the bed, and stuffed that bear by my neck and DID NOT MOVE. No matter what, I immobilised myself. I did not roll onto my side.”

And Sharon also had another out-of-body experience at hospital when she saw some of her friends, who had recently passed.

Writing in an excerpt from her book, The Beauty of Living Twice, as shared with The Times newspaper, she said: “I started to experience a feeling of falling, and then as though something were overtaking me, body and soul, followed by this tremendous, luminous, uplifting whiteout.

“The light was so luminous. It was so… mystical. I wanted to know it. I wanted to immerse myself. The faces were not just familiar. They were transcendent. Some of them had not been gone for long. They were my closest friends, Caroline, Tony Duquette, Manuel. I had missed them so much. I felt so cold in the room I was coming from. They were so warm, so happy, so welcoming.”