Duke and Duchess of Sussex mentor teenager

Duke and Duchess of Sussex mentor teenager


The Duke and Duchess of Sussex surprised a teenage girl with a virtual mentoring session.

The couple teamed up with volunteer organisation L.A. Works and the I Have a Dream Foundation – which works to ensure children are given the opportunity to access higher education – to be matched with a youngster and the unnamed teenager was “very excited” to log on and discover the identity of the people who would be offering her guidance.

L.A. Works Executive Director Deborah Brutchey told People magazine: “She had this moment of surprise and excitement when she got on the phone with the duke and duchess.

“She knew of them, she knew a lot — she had been following Meghan’s story quite a bit, so she was very excited that she had the opportunity to speak with them.”

And the young woman was “really moved” by Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan’s “compassion, humility and wisdom” because the royal couple gave her a much-needed confidence boost.

Deborah added: “It was really significant for her because they saw her potential in a few short minutes, which actually really undid some damage that had been previously caused by a former teacher’s doubt.

“It was just amazing how they were able to connect and how their compassion, in just a short conversation, really made an impact and is going to forever inspire her.”

And the pair – who are expecting their second child, a sibling to 22-month-old Archie – talked to the girl about more than just her school work.

Deborah said: “The conversation that they had was really about how do you overcome challenges in your life? And how do you stay true to your values? Things that are so relatable to young girls but also so public in what the duke and duchess have gone through.”

Meghan and Harry noticed the teenager had sunflowers in her room in the background of her call, so after the virtual meeting, they sent her a bouquet of the flowers along with a note of encouragement.

The couple’s mentorship shows they have acted on their own advice to “unleash a groundswell of real acts of compassion”.

They offered suggestions on their Archewell Foundation website earlier this month on ways to celebrate Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day, with one idea being to “tutor a teenage girl who is navigating high school on her computer”.