RED RAG: Steal his Look – President Caboni

Caboni Steal His Look

Editor’s Note: The Red Rag is a weekly humor column surrounding pop culture, WKU, and student life.

Looking for a way to step up your wardrobe this semester? Want to express your school pride as much as possible? Want to look like the snazziest college president in the entire United States? We’re here to help. Here is everything you need to start dressing like our very own university President Timothy Caboni.


Suit: If you’re gonna look like the president, you’re gonna need a presidential suit. This beautiful navy blue jacket is the perfect base for the Caboni wardrobe.

Bowtie: The one thing that everyone knows about Caboni is his love for all things bowties. This sparkly red crystal-pleated one will add a pinch of pizazz to an already dashing look.

Pants: The president puts on his pants one leg at a time just like everyone else – khaki pants, that is. These simple beige chino pants are guaranteed to make the wearer feel like they are on top of the world (or at least the Hill.)

Shoes: Arguably the centerpiece of the entire fit, Caboni never goes anywhere without his red sneakers. Vans or Converse will both suffice.

Socks: How will people be able to tell you truly embody the spirit of Western if you take your trademark red shoes off? Simple. Slap on a pair of WKU-themed socks to make sure you’re never caught without your school spirit.

Underwear: Is this going a little bit overboard? Not at all. The WKU president has to be decked out in Western garb from head-to-toe, and that most definitely includes undergarments.


Caboni never goes anywhere without the proper WKU-themed accessories. Here are some additional pieces to help take your look to the next level.

Watch: It’s always Western-o’clock for President Caboni and nothing signifies that more than this stunning gold WKU watch. Caboni would never be caught without an icy wrist, making this snazzy timepiece essential to the full fit.

Pin: Just in case someone happens to miss all the other Western logos scattered around your outfit, this classy lapel pin will add a little professional pop to that iconic jacket of yours.

Cufflinks: Like the pin mentioned above, cufflinks will accentuate your already astonishing look. These WKU-themed gold links say “I’m business casual, but also ready to get down to business.”

Hair Gel: If you really wanna copy Caboni’s style, you’re gonna need a slick hairdo. Any sort of hair gel will suffice, just make sure to lather it on extra thick to achieve that famous windswept look.

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