SGA focuses on outreach, safe driving initiative in weekly meeting

The Student Government Association passed legislation Tuesday in an effort to make SGA more accessible to students and to promote safe driving at their fifth meeting of the semester. 

The meeting began with a guest speaker, Vice President of Enrollment and Student Experience Ethan Logan. He spoke with senators about how he and his department can assist SGA in improving the lives of students and improving campus as a whole. 

After the speaker, Student body president Garrett Edmonds told senators to be on the lookout for an update on the provost search that he has been a part of since its start. 

He also urged senators to consider running for an officer position with elections coming up in April.

“If you have experience in the organization, consider running,” Edmonds said. “My door is always open if you want to discuss running.”

The meeting then moved into legislation. The first bill presented, authored by senator Me’Lon Craighead, was to provide funding for SGA’s Outreach Committee to laminate promotional signs and add QR codes so that students can submit concerns or ideas directly to SGA. 

The bill passed unanimously, and fifty of these signs will be posted around campus soon. 

The next bill presented, authored by senator Matthew Thomas, was to add 12 signs to poles on campus parking lots reminding students to drive safely. This bill was passed, and Thomas hopes that these signs will be put up by the end of the semester. 

“Some people may not look at the sign, but the one person who does look at it, that could stop them from doing something reckless,” Thomas said. “You never know.”

A bill regarding WKU’s Naming and Symbols Task Force will be debated and voted on at next week’s meeting.

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