Dorm room essentials every college freshman needs

Living in a dorm can be quite an adjustment from what most people are used to. Dorm rooms are typically a small space that has to be shared with a roommate, so it can be difficult to become comfortable living there. 

While dorms can be difficult to get used to, packing some items can make your dorm room a more comfortable space. Here are a few dorm room essentials that every freshman needs to have.


Mattress Topper


Mattress toppers can be thrown directly on your mattress, and it typically makes a dorm bed much less stiff and uncomfortable. Your shoulders and back will thank you if you bring a mattress topper whenever you arrive on campus.


Portable Fan 


Bringing a fan will be super helpful especially as the seasons begin to change. Depending on the temperature that you’re comfortable with, the heating and air conditioning could potentially make you too hot. A fan can just ensure that you can cool off whenever you need it. Clip-on fans are also super helpful because you can clip them on to your desk or bookshelf.

Throw Blanket


Getting cold is also pretty standard when living in a dorm so bringing a throw blanket will be great to have. Since many students are taking online classes, having a throw blanket will keep you warm during your Zoom calls.


Space Saving Hangers


Since dorm rooms typically don’t have a lot of space, finding out where to put your clothes and a way to organize them can be difficult. Space-saving hangers allow you to put multiple articles of clothing on one hanger rather than have clothing sitting on separate hangers in your closet.



Many dorm rooms have tile or hardwood flooring which can be pretty cold to walk on, packing a pair of slippers can help avoid getting cold. Having slippers is also convenient when you just need to run to the bathroom or to the kitchen. 

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