Natalia Vodianova wants second wedding

Natalia Vodianova wants second wedding


Natalia Vodianova wants to have a second wedding celebration.

The Russian supermodel married her partner Antoine Arnault in an intimate ceremony in Paris six months ago and although it was a “beautiful day”, the 39-year-old beauty – who has Lucas, 19, Neva, 15, and Viktor, 13, with first husband Justin Portman and Maxim, six, and Roman, four, with her new spouse – admitted the coronavirus pandemic meant they didn’t have the wedding they originally planned.

She said: “It was a really beautiful day.

“I was very happy that we were able to have a few important family members and friends with us.

“It was a cute moment for our children as well.

“When you plan a very big wedding, the civil wedding seems like the day where we just signed something, a passage to the bigger picture of what we were planning, but because of the pandemic, nothing went according to plan.

“In the end it was an incredibly special day and we definitely cherish it, but I still hope for us to have a big celebration with our extended family and friends.

“We don’t know when, we’re waiting on the world for that day to come.”

Natalia – who is also an “impact investor” in companies that improve the lives of women, a goodwill ambassador to the UN Population Fund and the founder of charity the Naked Heart Foundation – admitted working from home during lockdown has been chaotic but she thinks it’s been good for her children to see her working life.

She told HELLO! magazine: “Working from home has been quite a challenge – I often have cats, dogs, and children barging into my professional life.

“But the benefit is my children can see more of what I do.

“I used to go off to the office but now my children see mummy working.

“It’s good because they ask more questions about why I do different tasks and why they are important.

“They have been real troupers, as a family, we’ve all worked hard and helped each other. It has felt like we are a team.”