Students share TikToks, Spotify Wrapped at English salon

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Debra Murray

The English department hosted an English Holiday Salon Wednesday for students to share the media they have been consuming the past few months. 

Professor Ted Hovet along with two students hosted the event for students to connect. 

The discussion centered around sharing Spotify Wrapped, Netflix’s Original “Queen’s Gambit” and TikTok. Hovet shared a story about how one of his students turned in 30 TikToks for their final class project.  

“So I had a student hand in her final project, which was 26 TikTok videos,” Hovet said. “So it was a 26-minute long video, comparing Elizabeth Bennett and Katniss Everdeen. So that’s pretty cool how it is like a masterpiece. It was my first ever TikTok document handed into my class.”

Emily Moore, alongside Elizabeth Roth, helped with organizing and planning the event. Moore is a sophomore studying English and theatre from Louisville. Moore explained the topics discussed at the Salon.

“The meeting this evening was about Spotify wrapped, some tv shows, and creators sharing their work,” Moore said. “We even had a student share her grammar book for a new language.”

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