Sophie Ellis Bextor’s family love dance to relief stress

Sophie Ellis Bextor’s family love dance to relief stress


Sophie Ellis Bextor’s family dance when they’re feeling stressed.

The ‘Take Me Home’ hitmaker – who has sons Sonny, 16, Kit, 12, Ray, eight, Jesse, five, and two-year-old Mickey with husband Richard Jones – became a viral hit over lockdown thanks to her at-home Kitchen Disco performances and although she thought the idea of the shows was “a bit bonkers” when her spouse suggested them, she wanted to help share the way music can offer “amazing catharsis” during difficult times.

She told HELLO! magazine: “This is how we’ve always coped with stress as a family. Nothing we use in our Kitchen Disco, from the smoke machine to the lasers, has been put in specially; it’s been there for years. We all enjoy putting on the music and lights, jumping around and having fun.

“Music is an amazing catharsis. It releases the tension and stress of not being able to see people and having to adhere to restrictions.

“I would recommend anybody to just play your favourite songs to get it out of your system.

“I thought it was pretty bonkers at first, but one thing that’s been in short supply for the past year is a bit of daftness, and if I can give that, I’m happy to do so.”

The 41-year-old singer even thinks her youngest son spurred himself on to learn to walk so he could join in.

She said: “The boys love dancing around in the background. Mickey walks into the playroom and cries: ‘It’s disco time!’

“He was crawling when lockdown started, now he’s full-on grooving. I get the impression that he learnt to walk so he could dance – he’s always loved a beat – and being surrounded by his adoring big brothers and mum and dad has made him so happy and confident.”

Before the pandemic hit, Sophie had been due to head out on tour of Europe, Australia and New Zealand and was feeling anxious about leaving her family for so long, so she has relished spending more time than ever with them over the last year.

She added: “The Kitchen Disco has turned into a big part of our story as a family.

“I felt daunted that my world tour would have taken me away from my boys for the longest time ever.

“I always struggle to leave them for work anyway, so being here for them every morning before sending them off to school and putting them to bed every night has been great.”