WKU police teach self defense to students

Mitch Walker, chief of the WKU Police Department, speaks to students at a self defense class on Thursday, November 5, 2020, in Downing Student Union.

Jacob Latimer

The WKU Chief of Police Mitchell Walker hosted a self-defense course Thursday night in DSU.

The course went over the basics of staying safe on and off campus in a variety of situations.

The room was set up with chairs six feet apart, and hand sanitizer and gloves were provided for the punching and kicking demonstrations.

Walker advised the group to become familiar with the WKUPD and how to contact them if needed. He stated that if something feels wrong in a situation, people shouldn’t hesitate to call the police.

“We would rather you call us and it be nothing, than you not call us at all,” Walker said.

He also stressed the importance of being familiar with campus, especially at night. He recommends a buddy system when walking on campus at night, and always letting someone know where you’re going in case something happens along the way.

After going over some general safety tips for everyday situations, Walker opened the floor to anyone who wanted to practice kicking and punching. Walker put on protective pads and let volunteers practice their self defense maneuvers.

“The main goal was just to make sure that students are aware of their surroundings,” Walker said. “While campus is very safe, students could go to other areas that may not be.”

WKUPD Officer Tim Gray typically hosts these sessions, but Walker will be assisting with them this semester. There will be more scheduled in the future.

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