WKU observes Veterans Day, inducts new member into the ROTC hall of fame

Veterans Day was observed at WKU’s Guthrie Tower on November 11, 2020.

Abbey Nutter

WKU observed Veterans Day with a wreath-laying ceremony at Guthrie Bell Tower Monday morning and gathered afterward for the induction of a WKU alum to the ROTC Hall of Fame.

The wreath-laying ceremony began at 11 a.m. and saw a small crowd gathered around the bell tower. Members of WKU’s ROTC presented the colors, the national anthem was played, and President Timothy Caboni was introduced after a prayer.

“Today we gather to honor the heroes who answered the call to defend our freedom,” Caboni said. “My freedom, your freedom, the freedom of all Americans, and those to come, those brave men and women who, and continue to, sacrifice for our country.”

Caboni expressed his gratitude on behalf of the university and urged attendees to not forget the price of their freedom.

“I am humbled by those individuals, and I am humbled by all of our Hilltoppers who faithfully serve our nation,” Caboni said. “Their boldness, their valor, and their hearts of service have elevated our region, our state, our nation, and our world.”

After the president’s address, a wreath was carried forward and a moment of silence was observed in honor of those who died in the armed forces.

The silence continued as the colors departed, and the crowd made their way into Jody Richards Hall to witness the ROTC Hall of Fame Induction ceremony of alum William R. Houston.

Houston graduated WKU in 1964 as a Distinguished Military Graduate, and during his time at the university was a member of the ROTC program. Before leaving the army in 1969, Houston served at the east/west German border in the D Troop, 1st Recon Squadron, 2d Armored Cavalry Regiment, before serving in the Vietnam war in the 4th Battalion, 23d Mechanized Infantry, 25th Infantry Division.

“I look forward to the other men that are in military training here at the university,” Houston said. “They’ll be leaders that will be known to the world.”

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