City Commission candidate David Witty on college-relevant issues

Candidates for the Bowling Green City Commission Board met in City Hall for a public forum on Tuesday, Sept. 13. A prominent point of discussion was the refugee community in Bowling Green and what candidates were going to do to help make them a part of the community.

Shane Stryker

David Witty, a local construction business owner and realtor, is running for Bowling Green city commissioner.

Witty’s platforms emphasize citizen safety, economic growth and opportunity for Bowling Green residents.

Affordable Housing

Witty emphasized that providing affordable housing is a complicated issue with no easy solution.

“The problem is the high construction cost combined with lower-than-market rents would create an unprofitable situation,” Witty stated in an email. “I would like to look into the possibility of some type of federal grant money to help subsidize the cost of new construction and help create a possible solution for everyone.”

Black Lives Matter

Witty expressed support for black lives.

“I firmly believe that black lives matter, as do all lives,” Witty stated in an email.

Fairness Ordinance

Witty said the enforcement of a Fairness Ordinance falls outside the role of the City Commission.

“This is a federal issue and not something for the city to decide,” Witty stated in an email. “I believe the supreme court validated my view on this with their ruling earlier this summer.”

Parking and Roads

Witty doesn’t believe parking and roads are a large part of a city commissioner’s role.

“The main responsibilities of a city commissioner are citizen safety, to maintain opportunities for economic growth and to have a healthy infrastructure,” Witty stated in an email. 


Witty explained the problem with the former recycling program and the possibility of creating a new one.

“This program was discontinued by the county because it was losing approximately $30,000 per month,” Witty stated in an email. “I am open to looking for ways to reinstate the program within the city if we can do it in a fiscally responsible way.”

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