WKU Dance Program host Virtual Dance Day

Members of the WKU Student Chapter of the National Dance Education Organization hosting WKU’s Virtual Dance Day in October on Friday, Aug. 16, 2020.

Michael Dylan Payne

The WKU Dance Department hosted an event Friday to encourage students to learn more about the program.

The event was called Virtual Dance Day and was designed for prospective students to learn more about the dance program at WKU. This was the third installment of four events throughout the semester.

Amanda Clark, professor of dance and the dance program coordinator at WKU, said typically Dance Day is a one-day recruitment event held every semester that allows prospective students to take a dance class taught by a member of the dance faculty.


“It’s an opportunity for high school dancers to come visit the WKU campus, visit the dance program, and take a class taught by a dance professor,” Clark said.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, they had to take a second look at how they were going to hold the event and opted to do four virtual events now known as WKU Virtual Dance Days, Clark said.

“The mission is to reach out to high school students in the area and neighboring states who may be interested in dance at WKU,” Clark said.

Clark said October’s event was hosted by the WKU student chapter of the National Dance Education Organization, an organization of collegiate dancers on campus and who frequently host events to try to get students involved in dance.

“The members of this dance organization are members of the WKU dance program,” Clark said. “Students taught and led the Virtual Dance Day on Friday, and they led the Q&A section as well.”

Fostering an understanding and appreciation for dance is one of the reasons things like WKU dance days are so important, Clark said.

Typically, students who attend Dance Day on campus get a different type of experience, but events like those held on Friday aim to provide the same sense of connection with fellow students, that they would have otherwise received in person.

“They would (traditionally) get to talk to some of our current students, and then we give them complimentary tickets to our main stage dance concert for that semester,” Clark said. “This year, that even is going virtual as well.”

Although Virtual Dance Days are geared towards prospective students, current students interested in dance at WKU can get involved as well.

“Dance day would be a great way to come take a class, see what we’re about without the pressure of auditions or committing to be a dance major,” Clark said. “Students can find out more out about Virtual Dance Days on the WKU Dance Program’s website.”

Professor Clark will be teaching the final WKU Virtual Dance Day that will be held on Nov. 14 via Zoom.

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