SGA votes on administrative vice president at this week’s meeting

Garrett Edmonds, Executive Vice President for SGA, discusses with fellow cabinet members events at their meeting on Feb 18, 2020.

Jacob Latimer

Editor’s note: The original version of this story said executive vice president, not administrative vice president. The Herald regrets the error. 

SGA president Garrett Edmonds nominated his administrative vice president candidate at the third SGA meeting of the year held via Zoom.

Edmonds chose Isaac Keller for the position. He said he decided on Keller because not only is he hard-working and dedicated to SGA, but he is willing to challenge Edmonds when they disagree. Keller was nominated and voted as AVP with 29 “yes” votes and 1 “no” vote.

There were three other nominations other than AVP during this meeting. Roderick Maul, who was nominated by Edmonds, was elected as a committee chair with unanimous “yes” votes. Tess Welch was also elected as a committee chair with majority “yes” votes.

Along with these nominations, a new committee was added to SGA. Senators voted to form an Ad Hoc committee, and voted Me’Lon Craighead to be the chair.

After nominations, officers and committees gave weekly reports to update senators on their progress through the weeks. However, since committee members were just announced during this meeting, most committees did not have a report.

Speaker of the Senate Shelby Robertson announced committee members during her officer report.

Each committee was given the opportunity to join a breakout room on Zoom to meet with their new members and discuss ideas for the coming year.

There will be more nominations and committee information given at next week’s meeting.

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