SGA President Garrett Edmonds plans for new academic year

WKU’s Student Government Association participated in a town hall debate in the Downing Student Union auditorium on the night of Sept. 24. Executive Vice President Garrett Edmonds is running for Student Body President against MJ Mayo, senator for Potter College of Arts and Letters. Abbey Norvell is running for Administrative Vice President alongside Edmonds.

Garrett Edmonds

Abbey and I are beyond thankful to have this opportunity and appreciative for all the support throughout the campaign. The reality to this year is we have seven months in our terms to ensure that SGA is doing everything it can to advocate and serve student interest. SGA needed experienced, dedicated and well-connected leaders to campus for this difficult time we find ourselves in. When Abbey and I embarked on this journey to be SGA President and Vice President we knew it was going to be a very difficult year with bumps in the road. However, we felt with our experience and determination we could lead SGA through this time in our academic career to ensure students’ interest were the top priority. Our intentions for this year are to ensure students feel connected to campus and with their peers in a COVID-friendly manner. At a time where there is so much distance between us, it is our top priority that students still have the chance to have the student experience of a four-year institution. We plan to expand our reach to organizations across campus with organizational aid, and it’s our hope that by contributing to organizations, we can connect students to all types of opportunities on campus. Once again, Abbey and I are so humbled to have this opportunity and look forward to serving all students this year. Through these unprecedented times, we will face challenges, but it is through adversity we find our strength.