From the editor: Correcting our mistakes

Herald Editor-in-Chief Laurel Deppen shares an invitation to the community for submissions that are to be included in the new Community Page.

Laurel Deppen

Editor’s note: The Herald has decided to not republish the story because too much time has passed, making it outdated. The Herald regrets these errors.

In print today and online, we published a story about WKU’s math department head that did not meet the Herald’s standards for publication. 

This morning I removed the story from the website because it contained leading language and errors in fact. Both go against the pursuit of accuracy and fairness we strive for at the Herald.

Leaving the story up any longer would be misleading to our readers, and that is something I want to avoid. The story, which also appears in our print edition, will be republished once it is corrected.

As editor-in-chief, apologize for this lapse in judgmentAs a student-run news organization, we at the Herald are learning, and this is a tough lesson – the words we choose have impact, and each needs to meet standards of fairness and accuracy.

I am sincerely committed to delivering reliable and accurate news to the communities we serve, and we will learn from this

Laurel Deppen can be reached at [email protected]