English Department hosts fourth annual English major convocation via Zoom

The 2020 English Major convocation was hosted via Zoom due to COVID-19

Debra Murray

Friday afternoon, the WKU English Department hosted the fourth annual English Major Convocation via Zoom due to COVID-19

Dr. Ted Hovet is an honors coordinator and professor in the English department. Hovet is one of the many faculty members of the English department that contributed to the English Major Convocation.

“The convocation is a chance to reinforce our ties within the classroom and outside of it,” Hovet said. “It helps reinforce our common identity within the English department.”

The convocation reminds students of their resources in the English department from scholarships and internships that faculty shares on the English department website, or the Writing Center.

The event also gave a spotlight to the extracurricular activities that the English department has to offer, such as the Film Club, English Club, the Korean Pop Culture Club, Sigma Tau Delta (English Honors Society) and the Professional Writing Club.

A new club starting in the English department this semester is the Gender Women Studies Women Writers Club. The GWS Women Writers Club is for writers who are gender minorities to hone their writing skills and critique works in a safe and inclusive environment.

“The great thing about recording the Convocation is that other people can get involved in our clubs, so we get to spread the word even more,” said Hovet. “[Becoming involved] is the main goal of the convocation.”

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