Last Ride: the end of a roller coaster summer for Beech Bend Park

Three children look at each other while riding “Scat II” at Beech Bend Park on Sept. 19, 2020, the last day of the season.

After a year full of uncertainty surrounding the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, Beech Bend’s amusement park wrapped up the season last weekend, closing for the year on Saturday, Sept. 19. Despite restrictions on large gatherings, maskless crowds covered the park, with friends and families gathering to enjoy the rides and atmosphere, along with the mild mid-September weather. In addition to the standard amusement park attractions, Beech Bend’s Raceway also hosted Holley’s MoParty, a weekend-long gathering of Dodge, Plymouth and Chrysler car enthusiasts. Although the amusement park portion of Beech Bend is now closed, the raceway will remain open until Thanksgiving, ending its season with the Thanksgiving Bracket Nationals for drag racing.