Market on the Avenue gives local businesses a chance to engage with students

Market on Avenue held their annual event with social distancing guidelines on Sept. 30, 2020. 

Debra Murray

Market on the Avenue was held at Centennial Plaza Wednesday with tables for vendors from local farmer’s markets as well as offices from WKU for students to participate in some autumnal activities and giveaways.

The local vendors that participated include Hillbilly Grillers, Love and Rose Farm Flowers, Smallhouse Homestead and many more. Some WKU offices set up booths as well, including WKU Restaurant Group and Catering, WKU Parking and Transportation, WKU Bookstore, Food Recovery Network, WKU Resource Conservation and WKU Farm Compost Operations.

The market gave the local vendors and various WKU offices an opportunity to promote to students. The WKU PTS office had a table to share their new way to help students get around campus. Julie Smith, the marketing and communications specialist for PTS, was there to discuss the TapRide and Topper Taxi program.

“During the day, it is a service for students, faculty, and staff,” Smith said. “In the evening, Topper Taxi is a safe ride across campus. They just have to download the app and pick a location.”

The Food Recovery Network also had a table to try to find new members and share how they help limit food waste on campus. Hailey Kozora, a junior majoring in dietetics from Louisville, is a member of the Food Recovery Network.

“We do volunteering, like we have two or maybe three restaurants that every day we recover food from,” Kozora said. “It’s shocking how much they waste. Any extra food that was wasted here they give to us, and we give it to places that need it like the Salvation Army or the Hope House.”

Pelican’s SnoBalls was a huge attraction to students walking by Centennial Plaza. Kellie Halvey, a sophomore majoring in health sciences from North Riverside, Illinois, shared her excitement for the snow cone truck.

“Pelican’s comes on campus twice a year, every now and then,” Halvey said. “Pelican’s just brings people in.”

Market on the Avenue was also an opportunity for students to get some time outside, and get a break from schoolwork.

“I stay pretty busy with school and the dance team, but I try to go to things like this if I know it is happening,” Halvey said. “It’s nice to get out of my dorm to do something.”

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