REVIEW: Bowling Green band releases sophomore album, prepares to perform live

Casey Warner

The power-punk duo of J.D. Minor and Josh Hines are at it again as Dos Cobros with their second full-length release “Synesthesia.”

They’re set to take it to the stage at Tidball’s, Friday, July 17.

“Synesthesia” is the sequel to “Emulsifier,” the first full-length album released by Dos Cobros in April 2018.

Upon first listening to their most recent release, it is easy to see how far the duo has come in such short time. While “Emulsifier” comes in at just under 19 minutes total with nine songs, “Synesthesia” pounds out eight tracks in a little under 29 minutes, showing the band’s song writing catalog has expanded to fit in more elaborate jams.

The production is thicker with higher quality sound, and the album overall just flows better. Similar to the way “Emulsifier” kicked things off, “Synesthesia” opens up with a powerful, consistent drumbeat with unpredictable riffage in “Space Wolf.”

This track brings great energy to start off a punk-rock album, and no there are no vocals — it’s a straight instrumental, which is very fitting. The way “Space Wolf” leads into “The Russian Sleep Experiment” and then “Kiss the Knife” are almost flawless transitions, as if they were meant to be played live in order.

The special thing about this duo is they are able to put all of the energy they bring at live shows into a recording, which can really be heard on this album, even more so than “Emulsifier” did. Halfway through the record is a noticeable transition into a choppier, more groove oriented sound with “Domestic Punk.”

Upon listening to this track for the first time, my immediate thoughts were, “I want to know the lyrics.” “Domestic Punk” is an absolute raging, party kind of song that does not let up. Lines like “Get to work, when we can, five minutes early, that’s the plan,” and “Do what we want, within reason, we dress appropriate, when in season” are relatable to any punk-rocker and should be remembered.

“Your so Cool” is a very fitting follow up to the previous track. Coming in at under two minutes long, this short, fast jam makes for one of the most memorable on the whole album for the simple fact that it includes the lyrics, “Sex, drugs and rock and roll.”

The last three songs on “Synesthesia” are where the album really holds its identity. “Pretty Kitty,” a cover originally written by The Lost River Cavemen, is the most assertive song on the whole record. Sexy riffs compliment sexy lyrics like, “There’s a warmth in her thighs, that makes a big sparkle in my eyes.” The progressive, airy feel at the end of “Pretty Kitty” leads into “Danger Wank” very nicely. This is the punk tune you are looking for on this album, seriously.

“Danger Wank” is another track that comes in at less than two minutes long and never ceases to let up in its onslaught. Leading into the longest song on the album is a great order for this song to fall in as the album ends.

In a very similar choppy drumbeat style, “(To)night Beat” kicks off a six minute jam-out with a great change of tempo a minute into the song. The stoppage and changing of riffs is aided by excellent drumming, making this the most complete song on the record. The way the six minute ballad was placed at the end was very effective on this album. The use of different guitar effects and sounds can really be taken in on this final roller coaster of a tune.

Coming into their own would be an understatement for JD and Josh on this record. They absolutely knocked it out of the park. This is the kind of punk-rock album that will have you binging on bands like Black Flag, Minor Threat and Bad Brains after you have given it a few run throughs. “Synesthesia” captures everything that mainstream “rock and roll” lacks today. It has grit, intensity, rebellion and feel in every song. Not to mention you can listen to the whole thing in less than 30 minutes. What more could you ask for?