Quarantine cuisine: Egg, ham and cheese bagel


Ellie Tolbert

Missing Einstein Bros. on campus? Well then here is an easy recipe that will remind you of their delicious bagels! Just close your eyes and imagine the cozy corner of Jody Richard’s Hall while you take a bite of this bagel sandwich. 


1 bagel 

2 slices of ham 

1 slice of cheese

2 eggs 





1. First you need to make the eggs. Place a skillet on the stove and turn up the heat. Butter the pan so they don’t stick.  

2. Crack two eggs in a bowl and add a little milk or cream, then whisk. Shake salt and pepper into your egg mixture. Pour them in the pan. 

3. Move the eggs around in the pan to make sure they are getting cooked. You don’t want to entirely scramble the eggs, because that will make for a messier sandwich. Once the eggs start becoming more solid, form them into a circle shape the size of your bagel so it will fit on your sandwich. 

4. While the eggs are cooking, put your bagel in the toaster. You are going to cook the bagel later, so don’t get it too toasty. This is just to make sure the inside of the bagel is nice and crisp. 

5. Once the eggs have fully cooked to your likely, lay the two slices of ham on top of the eggs. Next, lay your piece of cheese on top of that. I use Havarti, but you can use any type of cheese you like.

6. Spread butter on the outside of your bagel. Once the cheese looks a little melty, pick up the egg, ham, and cheese stack on a spatula and place the bottom of the bagel in the pan. Put the stack on top of the bagel bottom.

7. Place the top of the bagel on the stack, and then here comes the hard part. After the bottom of the bagel is crisp, you need to flip the sandwich so the top can cook too. This is difficult, but hopefully the cheese has now melted and stuck to the top of the bagel, so the sandwich will stay together. I flip my sandwich every time and have never dropped any of its contents, so I believe you can do it too.

8. When your bagel sandwich is flipped and the top is toasty, you are done! Stick that sucker on your plate and enjoy. 

I usually eat some fruit alongside this bagel sandwich to remind me even more of Einstein’s and their fruit cups. Pair with some coffee and you have a tasty breakfast. 

Newsletter editor Ellie Tolbert can be reached at eleanor.tolbert[email protected]. Follow her on social media at @ellietolbert.