‘Married at First Sight’: Decision Day Nears and the Couples Hash Things Out With the Experts (RECAP)

‘Married at First Sight’: Decision Day Nears and the Couples Hash Things Out With the Experts (RECAP)

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Married at First Sight, Season 12, Episode 13, “Unanswered Questions.”]

Married at First Sight‘s 12th season is nearing the finish line as the couples gear up for Decision Day. In “Unanswered Questions,” continued concerns and new worries are the subjects of one-on-one meetings with matchmakers Dr. Pepper Schwartz and Pastor Cal Roberson. Below, we breaking down the drama.

Virginia Opens Up

The episode opens with a visit from Virginia’s sister and nephews who come to her and Erik’s apartment for pizza. Erik and Virginia put on a show that they’re doing well, but when Virginia has a moment alone with her sister she shares her  concerns about not wanting to have kids and Erik’s controlling side.

When Virginia meets with Pastor Cal, she discusses why she’s scared of having kids: She was a child of divorce, plus she worries that she wouldn’t be a good mom. Pastor Cal says her concerns are understandable but unecessary, and encourages her to pursue parenthood if that’s something she wants. Either way, he advises that she be honest about her concerns to Erik.

MAFS Season 12 Virginia Erik

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Erik, for his part, meets with Dr. Pepper and raises concerns about Virginia’s possessive nature over her dog. Dr. Pepper reminds him that Rockie is like Virginia’s baby, so he’ll need to give her time to warm up to the idea of Erik helping out with the pup.

Meanwhile, Dr. Pepper asks about Virginia’s alcohol consumption and if it interferes with their communication. Erik doesn’t say much, but she advises that he broaches the topic with Virginia. Back at the apartment, he tries,  but Virginia shuts down, which isn’t surprising considering her affinity for partying. She tells Erik about her parenting fears, and he assures Virginia that he won’t leave her if they can’t have kids, but that it’s something he feels strongly about.

The somewhat improved mood dies out, though when he asks if she can cancel plans with friends to spend time with him, sending them into another spiraling argument.

Ryan & Clara Can’t Agree on Sex

Ryan meets with Dr. Pepper and sings Clara’s praises until religion is broached and he admits that her lack of enthusiasm for raising kids in the church does worry him. She asks Ryan about his (lack of) intimacy with Clara, reminding him that avoiding sex could make her feel rejected. He promises to address the matter at home.

Married at First Sight Season 12 Clara Ryan

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Meanwhile, Clara’s frustration over Ryan’s lack of intimacy is the topic she discusses with Pastor Cal. The expert advises that she be open about her frustrations and not hold back on saying “I love you” just because Ryan hasn’t or won’t yet.

Back at home the couple swaps notes, Ryan mentions how important the church is to him, and asks if Clara’s OK with their celibate relationship for now. She admits she’s annoyed but says bringing it up won’t get her any closer to sex. He’d rather not look at it as a check box, but it’s clear that Clara’s patience is growing thin.

Paige Has Had It (Again)

There’s not much to say about this pair, who continue to lead separate lives. Paige meets with Dr. Pepper, who apologizes for Paige’s bad experience. They agree that Paige deserves better and that Chris purchasing his pregnant ex a car without her knowledge was strange, to say the least.

Meanwhile, Chris shows up nearly an hour late to his meeting with Pastor Cal, who questions Chris’ actions. Ever the narcissist, Chris tells the expert that everything came down to the fact that he thought Paige was ugly. (He no longer has to prove he’s a jerk, but he keeps on doing it anyway. Plus, must we say it? Paige is gorgeous!)

Married at First Sight Season 12 Paige

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Chris blames the experts for mismatching him with Paige, but Pastor Cal tells him that he needs to reevaluate his situation considering he’s had so many failed relationships.

Chris walks out of the meeting looking towards the future with his yet-to-be-born baby, while Paige packs up her things and moves out of the apartment.

Briana & Vincent Have a Kid Problem

We first see Briana and Vincent, who clearly have a lot of fun together, looking to get serious about organizing their finances. But Bri’s budgeting doesn’t sit well with Vincent, as she likes to spend more than save. He raises concerns about how much money she plans to spend each month. Can they find a happy medium?

In Vincent’s session with Pastor Cal, he discusses his concerns about how the couple communicates. Vincent says for instance he’d like to sleep in later, but Bri wants him to get up early. Pastor Cal tells Vincent that he just needs to be honest with his wife.

Married at First Sight season 12 briana

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During Briana’s meeting with Dr. Pepper, she brings up finances and mentions how she’d like to spend the money she earns and enjoy it. She also reveals that she has a legitimate fear of having kids because she has high blood pressure, which could be a serious risk during pregnancy. Dr. Pepper suggests that Bri be honest with Vincent about her fears and be willing to compromise from time to time.

When Vincent and Briana catch up at home, he brings up the sleeping in thing, and she suggests he just go to bed earlier, which frustrates him because he doesn’t see it as a compromise. When it comes to budgeting, she agrees to try and cut back. The conversation about kids, though, doesn’t go well at all, as his frustration over her position is obvious on his face. Could this be the beginning of the end of their relationship?

Haley & Jacob Figure a Few Things Out

Jacob, when talking with Pastor Cal, laments that his bride refuses to be intimate with him, making it a challenge to connect. Pastor Cal advises that Jacob be more open and communicative with Haley if he wants to make things work.

During Haley’s meeting with Dr. Pepper, she’s told to refrain from making Jacob fit into her life and instead create something new with him.

MAFS Season 12 Jacob

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Taking the advice they receive, Haley and Jacob tell each other they’re committed to trying to make the relationship work. She admits that a past relationship in which she was controlled by her partner is the reason for her walls, but Jacob breaks them down a bit by opening up about himself. Could the pair finally be on the right track?

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