Paris Hilton never had love like Carter Reum’s

Paris Hilton never had love like Carter Reum’s


Paris Hilton has “never” had a love like Carter Reum gives her.

The ‘Simple Life’ star – who is engaged to the 40-year-old author – admits she has had a “colourful dating history” but she feels lucky to have met her husband-to-be.

She shared: “I get really lonely. Living such a transient life, always on the road, means it’s hard to settle down. It’s made even harder when people make assumptions about the type of person you are and don’t give you a chance … It’s no secret that I’ve had a colourful dating history. But Carter respects me and loves me for me, without wanting anything. I’ve never had that before.”

And the 40-year-old socialite is grateful for the “privileges” her fame has brought her but admits there have been “challenges” too.

Speaking about her international fame and success, she said: “Growing up in the spotlight brought me a lot of privileges. But it was also challenging. I decided after I escaped my abusers, I was going to work hard and become successful so that nobody could control me or tell me what to do.”

The coronavirus pandemic has given Paris some time to relax and enjoy time at home, whereas she has been used to travelling all across the world for her work.

Speaking to The Times magazine, she said: “This is the first time I’ve not been travelling 250 days out of the year. COVID is affecting everyone. It’s a global reset, giving us a chance to change our habits for the better.”