Rolling over differences: fostering an environment for those with disabilities to compete in athletics

Lafe Ives shoots a midrange shot during a game of open wheelchair basketball on January 27, 2020 at the Kummer Little Recreation Center in Bowling Green, KY. Open wheelchair basketball has been an ongoing program at Kummer Little for the last 3 years, largely in part to their Special Populations Instructor, Cameron Levis. Levis hopes to change the stigma surrounding people with disabilities. “Obviously we want to impact the individuals with a disability and give them these opportunities. But ultimately what I hope is to change views on what disability means.”, said Levis.

Thousands of individuals live everyday with physical and mental disabilities that make even the simplest of tasks an uphill battle. As a society, a common perception is that these people are unable to care for themselves or do not possess the same attributes as able-bodied individuals. Cameron Levis is looking to inspire others to challenge that idea. As the special populations instructor for Bowling Green Parks and Recreation, Levis aims to help educate the general public about people with disabilities as well as foster an environment for those with disabilities to have fun and compete in athletics.