SGA motion to host professional etiquette dinner passes unanimously

Garrett Edmonds, Executive Vice President for SGA, discusses with fellow cabinet members events at their meeting on Feb 18, 2020.

Brody Rexing

A Student Government Association Bill will fund the opportunity for students at WKU’s Glasgow Campus to acclimate themselves to the professional dinner environment on campus received all votes in favor of its passing this Tuesday at SGA’s weekly meeting.

The bill, 2-20-S, had been in review up until Tuesday when Executive Vice President Garrett Edmonds brought it in front of the senate for voting.

The dinner is geared toward college students with small-town heritage who may not have experience with the etiquette needed for professional dinners at events like conferences and summits. Edmonds was once one of those students and said he understands the confusion so-called “fine dining” can cause.

“I come from a town with [a population of] 400, and I’ve always ate with a fork and a knife,” said Edmonds, “but when you go to some of these conferences, you’ve got two forks, three spoons and six different knives and you don’t know what to do.”

Edmonds claims this practice etiquette dinner is, to his knowledge, the only etiquette dinner to be held at one of WKU’s regional campuses. The funding on SGA’s part will be used primarily to subsidize ticket cost, as the Glasgow campus itself will handle catering for the event. 

This bill was championed largely by Edmonds, but received sponsorship from the SGA PR committee. The bill is not Edmonds’s sole effort in terms of getting SGA’s money to students and its name on sponsorships. After the bill’s passage, Edmonds parsed the senate floor about having SGA sponsor the “Walk-a-Mile in Her Shoes” event in some manner. Walk-a-Mile, hosted by Hope Harbor and typically scheduled around late March, is meant to bring awareness to and transitively stop rape, sexual assault and other gender-based violence. 

Discussion at SGA meetings in recent weeks, specifically discussion spurred by Legislative Research Chair Josh Zaczek, has seen urgency toward creating legislation and effectively spending money. 2-20-S may be the first of many attempts by SGA to get money out of discretionary and into beneficial legislation.

This dinner will be exclusive to the Glasgow Regional Campus, but is open to all students. The Glasgow dinner should not be confused with the Hilltopper Etiquette Dinner which was already held in honor of Black History Month earlier in the week on Monday.

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