A senior sign-off: Thanks for reading this semester’s news

Jeremy Chisenhall

In case you didn’t know, today’s edition of the Herald is the last one before our eternally-long winter break begins. So get to reading!

If you’ve been reading all semester, I sincerely thank you for picking up the Herald and staying up to date on the most important news on the Hill week in and week out.

My last semester at the Herald has no doubt been an eventful one — although I’m not sure it quite lives up to some of my past experiences in my seven semesters here.

From the commitment departure return departure of five-star basketball phenom Mitchell Robinson, to the university deciding to sue its own student newspaper, to the university looking to balance a budget $40 million in the red, there’s certainly been no shortage of chaos in my time here.

Although, this year’s gubernatorial election provided even more great content for our reporters, as Attorney General Andy Beshear managed to unseat Matt Bevin, despite Bevin’s initial refusal to concede and an insistence that there are major flaws in Kentucky’s election system.

Thankfully, this semester has at least seen a great bounceback from the football team — which is going bowling this year!

I hope all of our readers have a great winter break and a happy holiday season. I hope you’ll continue to read the Herald when print publication resumes at the start of the spring semester — our returning staff members will be sure to keep you in the loop on all the news you need to know involving WKU.

In the meantime, be sure to keep up with the Herald online for content throughout the break:

– Website: wkuherald.com

– Twitter and Instagram: @wkuherald 

– Facebook: facebook.com/wkuherald

Best of luck on your finals, and to all the Hilltoppers like me who are graduating this month, congratulations!

Editor-In-Chief Jeremy Chisenhall can be reached at 270-745-5044 and [email protected] Follow him on Twitter @JSChisenhall.