SGA celebrates scholarship applicant numbers, construction success

Brody Rexing

The Student Government Association has seen a rise in scholarship application numbers along with progress on the new First Year Village project, according to executive members Garrett Edmonds and Abbey Norvell.

According to Norvell, director of Academic and Student Affairs, SGA had a record-breaking 398 scholarship applications. This is broken down into 10 Intercultural Student Engagement Center applicants, 31 scholar development applicants, 81 study abroad applicants, 122 first generation scholarship applicants, 132 winter term Scholarship applicants and 22 applicants for the recently returned Earn-a-Computer program. Norvell, who headed the re-introduction of Earn-a-Computer, says the sudden influx of applications is “really exciting” for scholarship prospects.

Edmonds, executive vice president of SGA, noted one particular meeting with the Student Life Foundation and Board of Directors and said construction “seems to be looking good.”


“Everything is moving right with schedule,” Edmonds said. “We’re doing very well there.”

One point of discussion was the other building in the remnants of the library area and how it would be used in relation to the freshman village. Edmonds, with his cohorts, will take a careful look at incoming student numbers for the coming academic year. Numbers will be used to determine how many beds WKU needs to house those students, and if the spare building will be needed to supply those beds.

Should the incoming student numbers fall, however, the building will begin its tear-down process, which Edmonds also projects to be cost-effective for the university.

“This is a situation we project to be a win-win for our foundation,” Edmonds said.

Members of the senate and otherwise are currently in the process of printing and reviewing these applications. 

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