Nominations confirmed, racial slur discussion continues at SGA meeting

Brody Rexing

Chairperson nominations to multiple senate committees were confirmed at the Student Government Association meeting Tuesday evening. SGA’s plans to handle the issue of racial slur use within Greek organizations, however, were not.

The nominations included chair appointments to the Campus Improvements, Public Relations, and Standing Against Violence and for Ending Self-Harm committees. Appointments made were Matt Barr, Brigid Stakelum and Hope Wells, respectively

Chair positions for Academic & Student Affairs, Diversity & Inclusion and Sustainability committees remain open. These are positions SGA hopes to fill in the coming weeks.

President Will Harris, following the appointments, was asked by the senate if SGA had planned on making a statement regarding the slur dilemma. Harris had no statement ready, but assured the senate that the executive branch was discussing the issue amongst themselves. He also claimed he has taken some deliberation outside of the executive branch.

“I’ve met with different administrators on campus, talking with them individually to see what the best route for our organization as a whole to take is,” Harris said.

Senator Symone Whalin had prepared a brief clip from a video on racial slur awareness to continue discussion of the issue. She also announced a survey regarding the matter of slur usage, the results of which will be posted next week. 

Whalin, alongside Senator Anthony Survance, organized a protest held at Kappa Delta’s Shenanigans event last Tuesday. Both hoped to raise awareness with the event, but Whalin hoped to take awareness one step further by educating within the senate.

“I want everyone to see why people feel unsafe at Western Kentucky,” she said.

Whalin was unable to show the video due to technical difficulties. This video will be shown at next week’s meeting instead.

Harris also gave members of the senate an update on the Special Projects fund. Harris claimed that he and Executive Vice President Garrett Edmonds had met with a group of administrators to discuss the fund. The meeting yielded simulations and quotes on prices for parts of the fund. 

“That way we can make a more educated decision and not rush to any conclusions,” Harris said.

Discussion over bill 4-19-F, concerning a diversity scholarship planned by SGA, was postponed due to the bill’s conflict with Title IX. A date for future discussion and voting on the bill was not given, as the bill is still being worked through the Legislative Research Committee.

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