John Stamos understands why Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen rejected TV comeback

John Stamos understands why Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen rejected TV comeback


John Stamos wasn’t surprised Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen rejected the chance to star in ‘Fuller House’.

The 57-year-old actor stars in the Netflix series – which is a sequel to ‘Full House’, the TV series that ran between 1987 and 1995 – but he wasn’t shocked that the twins – who played Michelle Tanner in ‘Full House’ – declined the chance to reprise their role.

During an appearance on ‘Watch What Happens Live’, host Andy Cohen asked: “Were you surprised that the Olsens never made an appearance on the show, or you knew when they said, ‘We’re not doing it,’ that they weren’t doing it?”

In reply, John explained: “Yeah, that was pretty much it.

“I mean, you know, we were disappointed, but we understood. I remember Lori [Loughlin] saying to me, ‘They won two or three CFDA [Fashion] Awards.’ That’s like winning two or three Oscars. If you won three Oscars, would you come back and do this? I was like, ‘Eh, maybe not.'”

The Olsen twins rose to fame during their time on the show, but Dave Coulier – who plays Joey Gladstone in the sitcom – previously insisted that Mary-Kate and Ashley are unlikely to have the same fond memories of making the series because they were so young at the time.

He explained: “They’re family members. But I think they have a different perspective. When we get together and we reminisce, they were babies [at the time]. So they don’t share those same memories.”

Dave thinks the twins are unlikely to feel as connected to the show as the rest of the cast.

He said: “I can’t really speak for them but I would understand why they don’t have the same sentiments that we all do.”