DSU hosts information fair for registered student organizations

Jack Dobbs

Fundraising. Volunteering. Movies.

These are just some of WKU’s student organizations that were present at DISCOVERfest, an information fair showcasing many different clubs to WKU students. One organization, Midnight on the Hill, works to raise money for St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

“St. Jude is completely free for all the patients, so they rely solely on donations from organizations like us,” said member Ellery Denny.

Denny said Midnight on the Hill has raised over $100,000 for St. Jude over the past two years.

In addition to Midnight on the Hill, WKU’s Film Club was represented. Stephen Allen, one of the club’s members, was at the event.

“The Film Club is something that is getting a revamp,” Allen said. “It is an all-inclusive club, where anybody can just come and talk about [movies].”

Allen said that one of the club’s upcoming events will be a script workshop, where members can bring in scripts they’ve written and compare them with each other.

WKU’s United Way chapter was also represented at the event. Matthew Puckett, the fundraising chair for WKU’s United Way, said that the chapter has engaged in multiple volunteer efforts in Bowling Green.

“We want to reach out into the community,” Puckett said. “We try and raise money throughout the year and at the end of the year we donate (the money) to a certain organization that’s out in the community.”

Puckett also said the organization helps with other projects such as cleaning up cans around town and it also hosts a cornhole tournament in the fall.

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