Normal Street intersection to be evaluated

Lily Burris

The traffic light at the intersection of Normal Street and Regents Drive will be converted into a four-way stop beginning July 29th for a 90 day study of the intersection.

The city of Bowling Green is studying the intersection to determine if a four-way stop with stop signs will be more effective than the timed stopped light that is currently there. This intersection is a transition between the city-owned and university-owned parts of Normal Street. 

Jennifer Tougas, director of parking and transportation, said there are no censors at the light, and it’s on a repeating cycle.

“This is an opportunity for the city to evaluate if the traffic light is still needed,” Tougas said.

If the city decides that the stop light needs to come down, the construction to do that would be very short, Tougas said. The Student Life Foundation, which is responsible for residence halls at WKU, may evaluate the corner if it is changed as a part of their First-Year Village project, Tougas said. Tougas also said that if the intersection is changed to stop signs, it may help the bus schedules.

“Taking a look at this study is really a way of reflecting the current needs of the campus community,” Tougas said.

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