Kelly Osbourne says she’s a ‘crazy person’

Kelly Osbourne says she’s a ‘crazy person’


Kelly Osbourne thinks she’s a “f****** crazy person” when she’s on her own for too long.

The 36-year-old star has reinvented herself as an actress and Kelly admits she’s fortunate to have been able to take a three-year break from work amid her recovery from alcohol addiction.

She shared: “I am an addict. I am an alcoholic, I have ADHD and OCD.

“So when I am allowed to be left on my own with my own thoughts, I am a f****** crazy person.

“I was very lucky that I had the opportunity to go down the roads that I’ve gone to in recovery. It is an expensive road, I acknowledge that.

“I took three years off work and used every single bit of my savings I had left to pay for it.

“Literally I was in therapy every day for the first year. I was like, if I don’t do this, if I don’t give myself this one chance, I’m done.”

Kelly has turned her focus towards acting over recent months as she prepares for the next phase of her career.

The TV star – who is the daughter of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne – told ‘The Filling With Anna Barnett’ podcast: “I’m a full-blown actress. I started a project two months after getting sober.

“I am in training every day and in acting classes every day and really preparing for this new thing that all starts and stops with me being good at it, so it’s a lot of pressure.

“I also sold three more TV shows this week. It’s all what I did in quarantine.

“I was like, ‘I want to do a TV show about this and I want to do this about that’.

“It all happened because I just sat behind my com­pu­ter and was like, ‘I’m just going to do it’.

“I’ve got terrible anxiety from it all but it’s my dreams and my dreams are finally coming true. When it goes through, I will have three TV shows on one network and one on another.”