$8 million gift made to Clinical Education Complex

Jack Dobbs

The Suzanne Vitale Clinical Education Complex announced Friday an $8 million gift to establish the “Life Works at WKU” program.

Life Works at WKU will operate as a two-year program that will provide living, working and recreational assistance to individuals that are 21 years old or older and are on the autism spectrum.

“This is an incredibly unique program,” said CEC Executive Director Mary Lloyd Moore. “We at WKU will join the ranks of pioneers in providing programming and support for individuals on the autism spectrum as they transition to adult life.”


Moore said the gift was given to the CEC through donations from the Bowling Green and WKU communities.

Moore also said that this program will provide a four-tier service to WKU students and graduates that are diagnosed with autism. These tiers will consist of supported living, supported employment, community involvement and building relationship skills.

In addition to guidance for their living habits, Life Works at WKU will provide its participants with business mentors that will assist the participants in building and promoting vocational skills and finding employment.

The award was announced by President Timothy Caboni. Caboni said that he looks forward to seeing the positive impact that Life Works at WKU will have on WKU and on Bowling Green as a whole.

“There are moments in the life of a university that forever change the institution, and today is one of those moments,” Caboni said.

Life Works at WKU services will begin in the Fall of 2020.

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