Letter to the editor: French program cannot be cut

Letter submitted by Jennifer Underwood
Western Kentucky University needs to reconsider cutting many of its majors/minors/programs, especially French.
The world is becoming more diverse every day. French is considered the “international language” in diplomacy and from what I understand all diplomats and others have to use this language to communicate with each other since they cannot learn all of the world’s languages.
Plus, many French words and phrases are now part of the English language  like “tete-a-tete,” which means head to head and papier mache, etc..
French is one of the most useful classes I ever took in high school or college.  I took four years of French in junior high and high school as well as a semester in college,
For instance, I fulfilled my research requirement in my English masters program by reading a book in French and translating it into English. That saved me money on tuition for a class and also time that  taking  an additional class would have resulted in.
Furthermore, France is a major power in this world and one of the United States’ closest allies. In addition, in less than 50 years, French is supposed to become the most spoken language in the world due to French influence in sub-Saharan Africa. Eliminating French as a major/minor or just classes in French would be detrimental to students so it should not be considered.
Also, English minors should not be eliminated since many journalists and education students as well as others need it to fulfill their secondary field of study. 
Jennifer Underwood
Western Kentucky graduate
Eizabethtown, Ky.