WKU University Senate sees debate over budget revision

Provost Terry Ballman attends her first faculty senate meeting on Thursday, Aug 23 at the Faculty House.

Jack Dobbs

Rigorous debate ensued at the University Senate meeting Thursday, surrounding a revision for the Senate budget for fiscal year 2019.

The debate was over aspects of the revision which some faculty members felt were unnecessary, including “Release Time Reimbursement,” according to the meeting’s agenda.

Questions and debate were raised by faculty members over the way these measures will work. Several faculty members believed that the reimbursement money would be paid directly to professors.

Provost Terry Ballman, who sent the reimbursement information in an email, said she believed she acted in the best interests of the faculty members.

“I have been faculty senate chair,” Ballman said. “I know very well all the work and all the time that that requires in order to do a good job.”

The University Senate also passed new amendments to the WKU Faculty Handbook. One amendment changes the requirement to file a complaint with the Vice Provost, since the position of Vice Provost was eliminated June 30, 2018, according to the amendment’s proposal.

One amendment changed the wording of a clause in the handbook which prohibited professors from rescinding their application for tenure and promotion in the event of a negative recommendation, according to the amendment’s proposal.

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