Provost announces faculty nominated for individual college awards, begins CAPE program evaluation

A student walks in front of Cherry Hall on Feb. 22.

Emily DeLetter

In an email sent to faculty and staff Monday, Provost Terry Ballman recognized the individuals who won and will be considered as finalists for individual college awards. 

Ballman also noted in the email she had received the 383 recommendations from the comprehensive academic program evaluation committees, and has begun to review the recommended programs. 

In February, deans within each college submitted a list of program recommendations to Academic Affairs following departmental reviews. The university-level CAPE committee reviewed the recommendations and submitted final recommendations to Ballman. After her review, she will make a final recommendation to President Timothy Caboni and his Cabinet, with a final report and action taken by the Board of Regents during their May meeting.


Ballman recognized the faculty, categorized under excellence in teaching, part-time teaching, research and creativity, public service and student advisement.

“Each and every day we challenge our students to reach beyond in pursuit of greatness,” Ballman said in the email. “Yet, as educators and life-long learners, we understand that long-term goals can often seem distant or unattainable. It’s for this reason that we must continually remind our students to celebrate every victory along their journey to becoming WKU Alumni.”

The nominated faculty are as follows:

Excellence in Teaching

  • Cheryl Wolf, Department of Counseling and Student Affairs, CEBS
  • Leigh Anne Roden-Carrier, Department of Communication Sciences & Disorders, CHHS
  • Stacy Bibelhauser, Department of Accounting, GFCB
  • Melanie Autin, Department of Mathematics, OCSE
  • David DiMeo, Department of Modern Languages, PCAL

Excellence in Part-Time Teaching

  • Stacy Edds-Ellis, Department of Education Administration, Leadership & Research, CEBS
  • April Hardison, Department of Communication Sciences & Disorders, CHHS
  • Alice Simpson, Undergraduate Student Services, GFCB
  • Dawn Winters, Department of English, PCAL

Excellence in Research & Creative Activity

  • Lisa Duffin, Department of Psychology, CEBS
  • Rachel Tinius, School of Kinesiology, Recreation & Sport, CHHS
  • Johnny Chan, Department of Finance, GFCB
  • Sanju Gupta, Department of Physics and Astronomy, OCSE
  • Sophia Arjana, Department of Philosophy and Religion, PCAL
  • Haiwang Yuan, Department of Library Public Services, UL

Excellence in Public Service

  • Jenni Redifer, Department of Psychology, CEBS
  • Liz Sturgeon, School of Nursing, CHHS
  • Dana Cosby, Department of Management, GFCB
  • Amy Brausch, Department of Psychological Sciences, OCSE
  • Holli Drummond, Department of Sociology, PCAL
  • Laura DeLancey, Department of Library Technical Services, UL

Excellence in Student Advisement

  • Sarah Ochs, Department of Psychology, CEBS
  • Jan Hunt-Shepherd, Department of Public Health, CHH
  • Sheri Henson, Department of Accounting, GFCB
  • Jason Wilson, School of Engineering & Applied Sciences, OCSE
  • Carol Jordan, Department of Theatre and Dance, PCAL

A reception celebrating the nominated faculty members will be held April 16.

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