‘Married at First Sight’: 8 Key Moments From ‘Must Love Dogs’ (RECAP)

‘Married at First Sight’: 8 Key Moments From ‘Must Love Dogs’ (RECAP)

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Married at First Sight, Season 12, Episode 12, “Must Love Dogs.”]

Married at First Sight‘s 12th season is going to the dogs in its latest installment as the couples adjust to life with pooches.

In “Must Love Dogs,” some husbands are adjusting to their new pet children, while others are struggling with the additional roommates. As Decision Day looms, could these four-legged friends be the breaking point for some? Below, we break down all of the key moments from the episode, but beware of spoilers.

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‘Married at First Sight’: The Couples Enjoy ‘The Monthiversary’ With Varied Results (RECAP)

The one-month anniversary is a joyous milestone for some of the Season 12 couples. For others, not so much!

Reflecting on the Monthiversary

MAFS Season 12 Briana Vincent

(Credit: Lifetime)

Fresh off of their “monthiversary,” the couples reflect on their special dates commemorating their first month of marriage. Briana and Vincent are in pure bliss as they reminisce in bed, and while she’s grateful for his boat ride date, Vincent has plenty of wishes on his date bucket list ranging from Disney World to visiting a cigar lounge. Whether Bri will be able to fill those wishes or not remains to be seen, but only time will tell. Haley and Jacob look back on their shortcomings in terms of their anniversary date, which devolved into a fight during last week’s episode. Hopeful to reset, they agree that talking things out is their best approach to getting through tough times.

Having Fun

MAFS Season 12 Clara Ryan

(Credit: Lifetime)

This episode has its fair share of lighthearted moments, including tantric yoga for Clara and Ryan as they work on getting closer. Haley and Jacob loosen up over a race around the go-carting track, and the good mood prevails despite her incessant boasting following her win. And Vincent and Briana go for a bicycle ride as a means of maintaining fitness but also sharing in some fluffy competition.

Erik in the Dog House

MAFS Season 12 Virginia

(Credit: Lifetime)

Virginia and Erik’s chipper exterior begins to crack in various arguments throughout the episode, mainly stemming from their differing opinions regarding her pup Rockie. Virginia is feeling very overwhelmed by work and other outside circumstances that she doesn’t really elaborate too much on besides the fact that Erik doesn’t like her dog. He tries to tell her that it’s not that he dislikes Rockie, but that the dog could use better manners.

As someone who is dealing with mental health struggles such as depression, Virginia takes personal offense at Erik’s remarks since Rockie has helped her get through some tough times. Along with other spats behind the scenes, Erik and Virginia aren’t as stable as they’ve been conveying, and it would seem Rockie could be the make-or-break ingredient. Ultimately, they talk it through by the episode’s end and Virginia is reassured that Erik has her back, but will the peace last?

Taking Care of the Dogs

MAFS Season 12 Erik

(Credit: Lifetime)

Clara goes away for a few days and leaves Ryan in charge of her baby Miska, who he goes to some training classes with in order to bond with the dog. Erik tries to make amends with Virginia by bringing Rockie to the pet store for some treats, and Vincent enjoys pampering Bri’s little puppy Cookie.

Chris and Paige Officially End Things

MAFS Season 12 Paige

(Credit: Lifetime)

During a meeting with her brother and sister-in-law, Paige explains her and Chris’s plan to divorce and gets some meaningful support from her family. Despite the hardships she faced, Paige’s brother tells her she’s stronger because of the experience. As for Chris, he tells his mother about the divorce decision and she doesn’t seem surprised, but it’s clear that she liked Paige when she remarks how sweet the girl is.

Double Date

MAFS Season 12

(Credit: Lifetime)

Haley and Jacob join Vincent and Briana for a group date at a farm where they discuss their current situations. It’s clear that they’re on very different pages as Vincent and Bri remain light and bubbly together. But even with Haley and Jacob’s more muted connection, they could be heading down a better path now that they know where their faults in connecting lay.

Group Gatherings

Married at First Sight season 12

(Credit: Lifetime)

The women and men meet up in separate gatherings as they discuss different issues and hurdles they face in marriage. Virginia opens up about her anxieties and receives tremendous support from her fellow wives, and it makes her feel better about herself to know that they’ve also had situations that are overwhelming. The conversation with Briana and Paige allows her to see that maybe it’s time she met with a therapist to discuss her worries.

During the men’s gathering, they discuss being dog dads and adjusting to their wives’ quirks. Ryan thinks he’s been doing a good job in that department, and advises that Jacob be willing to compromise with Haley, whose organizational skills at their apartment have him frustrated.

Clara’s Boiling Point

MAFS Season 12

(Credit: Lifetime)

Ryan and Clara end the episode discussing their relationship, and while he thinks they’re doing a good job in getting closer, she’s still wondering if he’ll ever make a move to bring their connection to the next level. While she takes grinning and bearing it to another level, Clara’s boiling point is reached in a heated chat with the other ladies captured on a camera after hours. She fumes that Ryan is receiving the kind of pleasure she has yet to get in return. Can she take it any longer or will his inability to reciprocate be the last straw?

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