Fashionable Future

Macy Preston takes her second walk down the runway wearing a striped jumpsuit styled for a future career as a boutique owner. The fashion show, titled “Picture This: A Snapshot into your Future Career”, was meant to show people options on how they could dress for a certain career field.

Kendall Warner

The Western Kentucky University fashion merchandising department orchestrated a fashion show yesterday Feb. 27, at the Indian Hills Country Club in Bowling Green, Ky. The show titled “Picture This: A Snapshot into your Career” was organized, styled, and modeled by WKU students. The fashion show featured a variety of WKU students from a range of different majors and career paths from dietitian to interior designer to preschool teacher. The models were styled to illustrate what they might wear on a typical day in their career field.

“The fashion show was a way for our fashion merchandising class to understand the ins and outs of actually running a show while also showcasing our department as a whole,” says senior fashion merchandising student Ellie Humphrey, “Our class has been together since freshman year so it was really fun to work together and put on a show! We were able to make every decision ourselves so it was a neat experience.”