Midterm Election Results

A woman casts their vote in the Kentucky midterm elections at the W. R. McNeill Elementary School on Tuesday, November 6.

Herald Staff

United States Representative in Congress 2nd Congressional District


Brett Guthrie (R)

Vote Count: 25,029

Percentage: 63.1%


Hank Linderman (D)

Vote Count: 13,935

Percentage: 35.1%


Thomas Loecken (IND)

Vote Count: 687

Percentage: 1.7%


State Senator 32nd Senatorial District


Mike Wilson (R)

Vote Count: 20,803

Percentage: 52.3%


Jeanie Smith (D)

Vote Count: 18,952

Percentage: 47.7%


State Representative 20th Representative District


Patti Minter (D)

Vote Count: 6,253

Percentage: 53.5%


Benjamin Lawson (R)

Vote Count: 5,436

Percentage: 46.5%


Circuit Clerk


Brandi Duvall (D)

Vote Count: 23,669

Percentage: 60.6%


Sonya Kilgo Corder (R)

Vote Count: 15,403

Percentage: 39.4%


Property Valuation Administrator


Bob Bransetter (D)

Vote Count: 27,136

Percentage: 100%


County Judge/Executive


Mike Buchanon (R)

Vote Count: 26,300

Percentage: 74.6%


Jimmie Duffer (IND)

Vote Count: 8,966

Percentage: 25.4%


County Attorney


Amy Hale Milliken (D)

Vote Count: 28,055

Percentage: 100%


County Clerk


Lynette Yates (R)

Vote Count: 30,318

Percentage: 100%




Brett Hightower (R)

Vote Count: 22,978

Percentage: 57.8%


Jerry “Peanuts” Gaines (D)

Vote Count: 16,744

Percentage: 42.2%




Stephen Harmon (R)

Vote Count: 29,323

Percentage: 100%




Kevin Kirby (D)

Vote Count: 28,676

Percentage: 100%


County Surveyor


Barry Claypool (D)

Vote Count: 26,759

Percentage: 100%


District Judge 8th Judicial District 1st Division


Sam Potter

Vote Count: 27,383

Percentage: 100%


District Judge 8th Judicial District 2nd Division


Brent Potter

Vote Count: 27,019

Percentage: 100%


District Judge 8th Judicial District 3rd Division


John Brown

Vote Count: 26,156

Percentage: 100%


City Commissioners City of Bowling Green


Sue Parrigin

Vote Count: 7,163

Percentage: 15.2%


Dana Beasley-Brown

Vote Count: 6,844

Percentage: 14.5%


Joe Denning

Vote Count: 6,376

Percentage: 13.5%


Brian “Slim” Nash

Vote Count: 5,750

Percentage: 12.2%


Rick Williams

Vote Count: 5,703

Percentage: 12.1%


Carlos Bailey

Vote Count: 4,268

Percentage: 9.1%


Victoria Golden-Thompson

Vote Count: 2,544

Percentage: 5.4%


Don Langley

Vote Count: 2,298

Percentage: 4.9%


Jennifer Ann Morlan

Vote Count: 2,239

Percentage: 4.8%


Richard Thornton

Vote Count: 1,721

Percentage: 3.7%


Paul Carter

Vote Count: 1,496

Percentage: 3.2%


Nathan Morguelan

Vote Count: 727

Percentage: 1.5%