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How to get the most out of the iWKU app

The iWKU app is well-known among students. It is notoriously helpful for checking the bus schedule throughout the day, but there are other helpful features that you may be missing out on.

When you open the app, an array of icons will show up on the screen. The very last one is “Parking.” At first glance, it may be easy to assume that this is just standard information about parking at WKU, but it is much more.

If you tap the icon, you’ll see information for Parking Structure 2. A large circle appears with the words “spots available” with a number beneath it. This indicates how many parking spots are currently available in Parking Structure 2. It tells you when the number was last updated, and there is a refresh button in the top right corner so you can see the number of parking spaces in real time. If you swipe, you can see the same information for Parking Structure 3. This can save students time, so they know whether or not a lot is full.

Another helpful feature of the iWKU app is the “Lab Traffic” icon. Upon opening it, you’ll see an alphabetical list of buildings with computer rooms for students to use. Beside the name of the building, you’ll see how many computers are available out of the total number of computers in the lab. If you tap on the room, it will tell you if the there are Macs or PCs, as well as how many of each are in use. Students can also filter the results to see which computers are closest to them, depending on their current location.

Additionally, the iWKU app features a “Tip Line” for students, located at the bottom of the screen next to the parking feature. This feature allows students, employees, or visitors to submit reports about a variety of incidents.

It is important to note that the tip line is not for emergency situations. Currently, the only available category to select is to send a tip to the WKU Police. Once selected, you can write and send a message about “potential criminal activity on WKU property”, according to the app. You have the option of making your tip anonymous if desired, but you are recommended to include contact information if you want the police to follow up with you.

These three features can help you get the most out of the iWKU app and hopefully make your time at WKU a little easier.

The iWKU app can be downloaded on the App Store and Google play.

Features reporter Kelley Holland can be reached at 270-745-6291 and [email protected]

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How to get the most out of the iWKU app