Voter Guide: Jeanie Smith

Jeanie Smith

Running for State Senator 32nd Senatorial District

Age: 37 Party: Democrat

Occupation: 7th grade teacher at Drakes Creek Middle School

Relevant experience: Serving my community is my life’s work. In addition to being a teacher and mother, I have also served as a missionary overseas. Having worked in Bowling Green and Warren County with farmers and low-income families, as well as church committees and laborers, I am prepared to represent Warren County.

As a working mother, I will bring a surge of energy that has been missing from our legislature. I am a problem solver who brings new, creative solutions to the table. It’s time for our legislature to start truly representing the people, including women, of which there are only four serving in the Senate. My unique experience in schools and our community allows me to see the perspectives and needs of all Warren County residents, so I can create policy that will make our lives better.

What is your platform?

As a concerned citizen, I have fought for the families of Warren County from the Fiscal Court to Frankfort. I’ll continue that work by improving wages and making sure we balance the budget without placing additional taxes on the middle class, like we saw this year.

By fully funding public education, including our beloved WKU, we will allow students to thrive and subsequently drive our economy. This is a top priority for me.  We must create clear pathways to long-lasting careers by generating partnerships between local industry and our educational institutions.

As State Senator, I will protect state employee pensions, supporting arc contributions to ensure their success. I’ll seek new revenue streams to dedicate to this and other vital components of our state budget.

Having experienced complications during pregnancy, I understand how critical it is that every Kentuckian has affordable, quality healthcare. I’ll work to create better maternity and family leave policies, strengthening the core of our community.

Additionally, Warren County’s growth must be coupled with improved infrastructure — including better roadways and high speed internet access that reaches every corner of the county — allowing our small businesses to prosper.

If elected, what would be your top priorities?

If elected I will be a warrior for education. Making sure our schools have the resources they need and policies that respect the nature of students and foster a good learning environment. The cuts in education funding for higher education are directly impacting the rise in tuition. I’ll fight to restore what has been lost, and improve the accessibility of needs-based scholarships, improving college affordability and making opportunities for achievement available for students.

Additionally, too many of us are struggling with medical bills or putting off preventative care because of the cost.  I will work to improve the affordability and accessibility of healthcare for Kentuckians.

Fighting for higher wages will also be a top priority for me in the state senate. Right now, a worker in Warren County can’t afford the basic necessities on a full-time, minimum wage job. By raising the wage to $10.10 we would be improving the quality of life for one in three Kentuckians — and that will strengthen the economy.