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“So bad they’re good” horror movies on Netflix

While “Halloween” is in theaters scaring audiences with the return of Michael Myers, those who want to save money on a ticket or have already seen it may need something else to watch on Halloween night.

Netflix has an abundance of horror movies to stream, from classics like “The Shining” to modern hits like “The Conjuring.” Among these scary movies are those that shoot for comedy as well, and also ones that cause laughter for all the wrong reasons. Here are four of the best “so bad they’re good” horror movies on Netflix.

“The Babysitter”: A young boy learns his babysitter and her friends are part of a satanic cult after he stays up past his bedtime to spy on them in this horror/comedy. The film is a purposefully outrageous tribute to 80s horror films with ridiculous kills, gallons of squirting blood and enough self-awareness to bring some laughs.

“Doom”: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Karl Urban play space marines who must exterminate genetically engineered monsters whose sole purpose is to kill humans in this sci-fi/horror movie loosely based on the 1993 video game. The film offers enough gore for horror fans, and Johnson and Urban’s charisma makes the silliness enjoyable.

“Satanic”: Four college-aged friends traveling to Coachella stop along the way at different occult locations, but their self-proclaimed “satanic tourism” eventually backfires as they summon something that ruins their entire trip. The poor performances, weak writing and outlandish plot all make for unintentional comedy.

“Tusk”: A cocky podcaster with a show about the strangest stories he can find is lured into an elderly man’s mansion, only to find out he’s made the worst mistake of his life. Once there, the elderly man begins surgically transforming the podcaster into a walrus and after it begins, it’s far too bizarre to look away from.

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“So bad they’re good” horror movies on Netflix