Alumni Association increasing Homecoming spending

Big Red poses during the unveiling of the new Big Red statue outside of the Augenstein Alumni Center on Saturday. (Mike Clark/HERALD)

Emily Deletter

From t-shirts, chili luncheons and tailgates to the annual parade, the WKU Alumni Association is responsible for running a successful Homecoming. These events don’t come without cost, and the Alumni Association will increase spending this year. 

The Alumni Association reported they spent around $17,000 on Homecoming activities last year. 

Executive Director of the WKU Alumni Association Anthony McAdoo said the $17,000 comes from subtracting budget expenses from the association’s annual budget revenue. Much of the work the Alumni Office does is carried through philanthropy and donations.


This year’s theme is “To the Hill and Beyond,” and the Alumni Association is projected to spend around $21,000 to make Homecoming possible, $4,000 more than last year. 

These costs will again cover the annual t-shirts and other general fees, Friday night Homecoming activities, the Summit Awards and the Hall of Distinguished Alumni induction ceremony.

McAdoo said the Alumni Association does not fund any floats participating in the parade, so the money they spend goes toward parade permits, insurance and overtime for police.

“Homecoming is an annual tradition where we invite our alumni and friends to campus so they can connect with fellow alumni and their alma mater,” McAdoo said in an email.

In an email, McAdoo said some groups such as the Society of African American Alumni use Homecoming as an opportunity to raise funds or encourage donations for specific causes such as its scholarship program. Other groups arrange a time for alumni to unite and connect with their significant area of campus.

“It’s true that strengthening the relationship between our alumni and their alma mater is the underlying theme,” McAdoo said in an email. “We hope that part of that strengthened relationship results in donations, but also a sense of community and purpose.”

Throughout the year, McAdoo said the Alumni Association encourages alumni to actively participate through communications, event attendance, volunteering to help the university, paying alumni membership dues and making philanthropic donations. 

“Our engaged alumni are most likely to answer the call to support WKU, so we know that alumni participation in Homecoming events will likely generate increased investment in our mission,” McAdoo said in an email. 

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