Voter Guide: Brandi Duvall

Brandi Duvall

Running for Circuit Court Clerk

Age: 41 Party: Democrat

Occupation:  Warren County Circuit Court Clerk

Relevant Experience: I have 23 years of combined relevant work experience in accounting, office/business management and in the legal field.  I worked as a deputy clerk in my office before getting elected to Circuit Clerk six years ago and I can tell you there is a big difference between being an employee and being the elected Clerk and I believe my many years of job specific work experience and the fact that I have successfully done the job Warren County elected me to do makes me the most qualified candidate.  While the employees are the backbone of the office, the role of Circuit Clerk is an administrative position that comes with a lot of responsibility that requires extensive knowledge and experience in many areas. The Circuit Clerk is the Financial Officer for the court system, so my background in bookkeeping and accounting is very important to my job. The Warren County court system brings in around one million dollars each and every month.  I am responsible for the accounting and payment of all court monies and have passed every audit. As the Circuit Clerk, I am also the appointing authority over 40 court deputies. My background in office management, business management, human resources and personnel play a vital role in my administrative responsibility to my employees. With Kentucky license and IDs changing soon under the federally mandated act known as REAL ID, is another critical area of responsibility that requires extensive knowledge and experience in drivers license.  Not only am I the only candidate in this race who has ever worked in the drivers license department, I am the only candidate who has been formally trained and educated by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet on the provisions of REAL ID and who is prepared to launch this massive change throughout Warren County come January. I created for the citizens of Warren County to assist with all driving related matters and also to provide information about the upcoming changes to our license and IDs.  I have also spent the last two years traveling the county speaking to groups, organizations and businesses about REAL ID.

What is your platform?

My platform is working hard as a public servant for the benefit of our local court system and our overall community.

If elected, what would be your top priorities?  

If re-elected, the top priority will be seamlessly and successfully transitioning Warren County to the new drivers license and IDs.  It will take four years to completely transition all Kentucky drivers to the new system and having the responsibility of launching this massive change in the fifth largest county in the state will be at the top of my list. Along with that, it is always a priority to continue to serve with integrity and professionalism and to strive to make our local court system convenient and accommodating for the public and to make our overall community a better place.