StarRez used in dorms to keep track of housing services

A PFT desk attendant swipes a student’s WKU ID on Sunday, Sept. 9, 2018.

Natasha Breu

WKU students living in residence halls are adjusting to a new system for guest check-ins and other functions previously done on paper.

StarRez is an online system and is the “market leader in providing housing software solutions to universities and colleges around the world,” according to the website.

Housing and Residence Life processes housing applications, assignments, resident assistant programs, housing policy exemptions and visitation logs. All of this is now available on StarRez in an effort to centralize information, according Daniel Rosner, assistant director for student behavior.


Rosner said desk assistants have their own login information for StarRez and can access important information regarding WKU students living on campus.

“It has information that we previously had access to,” said Rosner. “It’s only whatever the student puts into the system.”

Rosner said each desk assistant has a certain access level in regards to the information they can see. He also said going paperless helps with efficiency, resulting in being able to communicate in a timely manner.

“It’s been a very positive change,” Rosner said.

Robert Bright, a desk assistant in Hilltopper Hall, said StarRez is effective when it comes to the security of WKU students. He explained the system helps make sure the person being checked in as a visitor has not lost visitation rights.

“The system was put in place for the security of the visitor and desk assistant, and of all those in the hall,” Bright said.

Brooke Walden, a desk assistant in Gilbert Hall, said going paperless is a part of WKU’s effort to go green. She said StarRez has many convenient functions such as being able to issue new keys automatically by charging residents the $25 fee electronically.

“It’s making things a lot easier for everybody,” Walden said.

She also said having access to all of this information comes with a lot of responsibility. Walden said desk assistants and resident assistants are under an agreement not to share student information with other people. She said Housing and Residence Life does keep track of what information they access in an effort to ensure confidentiality.

Ellie Hogan, a sophomore living in Rodes-Harlin Hall, said she thinks StarRez is an overall good change for WKU, though she thought it was “kind of weird” that someone in her history class may have direct access to her personal information.

“I know it’s more convenient, though, so it doesn’t really bother me,” Hogan said.

Freshman Taylor Rainbolt lives in Pearce-Ford Tower where there can be long lines for checking in guests. While she appreciates the efforts StarRez does for safety, she said students need to be informed about the access to information.

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