Herald editor-in-chief arrested for public intoxication

Rebekah Alvey

Editor’s note: The Warren County District Court dismissed these charges on Jan. 22, 2020. The charges were also expunged from the record. 

Herald Editor-in-Chief Evan Heichelbech was arrested for public intoxication Friday night.

Warren County Regional Jail deputies witnessed Heichelbech in a “loud verbal altercation” with his girlfriend and saw him “aggressively grab her by the arm” according to the uniform citation report. The deputies intervened and waited for Bowling Green Police Department officers to arrive.

Heichelbech informed the officers he had drunk about 11 beers that night and was exhibiting signs of intoxication such as slurred speech and a strong smell of alcohol, according to the report.

“I am extremely sorry and regretful for my actions and any embarrassment I have brought to my colleagues and the College Heights Herald itself,” Heichelbech wrote in a statement. “I am taking every necessary step moving forward, and I am fully prepared to put this behind me. The support I have received has been unbelievably important to me during this time.”

Chuck Clark, director of Student Publications, said Heichelbech and his girlfriend came to his house early Saturday morning, just a couple hours after being released from jail. Clark said Heichelbech filled him in with all the details and showed him a copy of the citation.

“I very much believe when a person makes a mistake or lapse in judgment, how they deal with it is more important than the mistake, especially in this case,” Clark said. “I think Evan has dealt above board with this.”

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