Concert Do’s and Don’ts: WKU preps for Cage the Elephant, and a playlist just for you

Nick Bockrath (left) and Matthew Shultz (center) sing with their band Cage the Elephant at Rocky’s Thursday, Jan. 30, in Bowling Green. The show — the band’s first at Rocky’s — would be Cage the Elephant’s last performance in the States before it kicked off its European tour. (Mike Clark/HERALD)

Laurel Deppen

As the anticipation for Grammy Award winning band Cage the Elephant grows, WKU students, alumni and faculty may find themselves humming “Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked” on their morning trek up the hill. The excitement is almost tangible.

Cage the Elephant has long been an ingrained part of the WKU experience. Now, on Sept. 8, the Bowling Green staple will perform a free concert on South Lawn.

And yes, it actually is happening. Rumors of a free Cage concert began circulating last Fall after a Twitter exchange between the band and head coach Mike Sanford hinted at the possibility. Nearly a year later, the rumors became a reality when WKU President Caboni confirmed the event to the Herald editorial board.

Now that the stage has been set, here are some general “Concert Do’s and Don’ts” to help your Cage experience live up to your expectations.

DO: Stay hydrated. A September afternoon in Bowling Green is going to be humid, and let’s face it, you may end up getting extremely cozy next to other Cage fans. People will push and shove and might just jump up and down. It’ll be hot and sweaty, so bring some water to keep it cool. (Sunscreen wouldn’t hurt either.)

DON’T: Push your way to the front right before the group starts to play. Imagine this: You’ve been standing in front of the stage for hours waiting for Cage to come on. It’s hot, you’re miserable, but you’re with your friends and you’re so excited. You know it will all be worth it. Then some dude starts pushing his way in front of you, “Excuse me! Sorry! I know I’m the worst, but I love Cage, and I need to be in the front row!” Don’t be this guy. Nobody likes this guy.

DO: Wear earplugs. Lame! I know! But trust me, nothing is cooler or punker than protecting yourself from hearing loss.

DON’T: Be late. Another way to avoid being “that guy” is showing up early. The crowd will be huge, and you’re going to want to make sure you can actually see the stage. Standing around for hours may seem like a bore, but having your friends and fellow Cage fans around with the anticipation of an exciting time will make it all worth it.

DO: Show up. Your calculus homework will still be there after the concert. Take advantage of this crazy opportunity. How many universities get a free concert by a Grammy award winning band? Go Tops, am I right?

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