WKU Dance Team kicks off fundraising with car wash

Abbey Nutter

The Western Kentucky Topperettes Dance Team had its first fundraiser of the semester Saturday and the results were sweet.

From 11:00 a.m to 3:00 p.m., the Topperettes could be found in the Bruster’s parking lot, scrubbing down any car that was drawn in by the advertising on social media or by the signs at the side of the road.

Morale was high as the day wore on, even as temperatures reached the upper eighties. The Topperettes were determined to earn more donations throughout the day that they have in previous years.


Co-coach Nicole Patton said the goal for the day was to kick off fundraising for the semester and to begin funding the team’s journey to the Nationals competition in April.

“It takes all the work starting from the beginning of the season, up until that point to really prepare financially and routine-wise for that event, so we have to start early,” Patton said.

Estimates from the fundraiser last year set the earnings at $300, but Patton said the team is expected to surpass that total with this year’s better location. The event also started later this year in the hopes that the different hours would draw in WKU students.

Shelby Klen, co-captain and a two year member of the Topperettes, said she hoped that the new location would draw more attention as the day continued. She said she was optimistic about the day’s revenue and repeated the motto for the day, “every bit helps.”

“This is a car wash that is totally based on donations, we don’t really ask for a set price,” Klen said.

At the end of the day Co-coach Morgan Sondergeld said the team raised about $750 which she considered a success. Approximately fifty cars showed up to support the Topperettes.

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